Welcome to my research!

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This research has the support of DATASUS and Coordination for Personnel Development, Ministry of Health – Brazil

Welcome to the website of my research! 

The research  called “Information and Knowledgement Management in Educational Collaborative Activities is being developed at the University of Manchester, with the support of Health Ministry Brazil. It investigates several techniques and approaches that can be applied in courses in different institutions, in Brazil and United Kingdom. It involves:

Information Management Service Simulation   Knowledge Management Healthcare and Education
Distance Learning Learning Analytics Public Health Population Health



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Some techniques have already been applied using data collected from Alliance Manchester Business School`s MBA. Due to the increasing interests of Social Networks Analysis applied to this kind of studies, it requires more studies on this field.
Information Management studies took the Systems Dynamic approach. The Organizational Responsibility Modedeveloped for a public company in Brazil rose interest from the International System Dynamics Society.


During the project development and execution, some connections between Manchester Business School and Brazil universities had been made:


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The project is based on Information Technology and Communication. The main technology is the controlled environment on the web, applying techniques for knowledge construction. Part of the research used IBM SPSS Pasw Modeler.

Model developed in August 2012


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The process:

When designing a distance-learning course, the main competences desired to be archived by students are defined.

These characteristics must be assessed during or after an established time, using some pre-defined criteria.  Courses that are conducted by a e-tutor (also called as proactive-tutoring courses) are provided with an environment that offers the possibility for students retrieving documents and that provide a tool used to exchange asynchronous messages.

The study intends to define a way to measure the Impact of the Information exchanged in forums during the courses, making easier the assessment of achievement of the competences aimed.
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